Photos from the premiere:

the overture

Maggie Lane as Rachel

Rachel (Maggie L.) telling Artaban (Mark M.) her troubles

saved from the sword

Achimelech (Chris O.) explaining the situation

Artaban (Mark M.) is upset

Azadeh (Roksana Z.) pleads for her freedom

Artaban (Mark M.) offers freedom to Azadeh (Roksana Z.)

Artaban (Mark M.) wonders if all was in vain

Artaban (Mark M.) dying

Voices of redemption: Maggie L., Roksana Z., Argenta W.

David Tranchina on bass

Andrew Leonard (clarinet) and Andrew Rosenblum (piano) recieving much deserved applause

curtain call

Enjoy some pics from the rehearsal process:

focusing hard on the score

Argenta and Andrew happy to be at rehearsal...

a well deserved break

the orchestra in action

Chris and Mark enjoying a break

Mark and Chris going over parts

David and Bonnie in action


a friendly exchange

listening to the director's notes

Andrew giving a cue, Damjan directing

Maggie likes what she's hearing

Damjan hearing out a question

David is focused on the stage

Mark is giving it his all

combining voices

setting up, and getting ready

taking a closer look

the sitzprobe

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